"Jonnie with Peggy Newfield, holding certificate"

Dear Peggy,

I cannot say enough about the experience I had attending the 5-Day Children's Etiquette Certification training.  Everything was so well-organized, beautifully decorated, and graciously presented.  Peggy, you and your wonderful staff, including Lindsey, Tia, Kelly, Brenda, Martha, Dolores, Sheyla, Rebecca, Nancy, Mary Donne Peters and your “right hand man” Gabriel – made a powerful and lasting impression on me.  We were treated like “spun gold” from the moment we arrived at the beautiful Intercontinental Buckhead to the bittersweet departing on our last day.  In all the years of conferences, conventions, and seminars attended, I have never been in a more comfortable and professional setting, and have taken with me, not only a voluminous amount of materials and education, but truly lasting memories of time spent with special women.  Thank you for the gift you have and share with us.

Warm Regards,


~ Jonnie Fox Flanagan, May 2011 Children's Etiquette Certification Graduate

Thank you for your kind words, Jonnie. We are so proud of your accomplishments as the Founder and Director of The Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol.

"Jonnie with student at dinner""Jonnie helping student with utensils"

"Robin Wells"

"Words cannot express how fabulous Rebecca was teaching CPR.  Her personality, delivery, timing, and humor - all were off the charts for me! You cannot teach that kind of effectiveness - I have taken CPR classes before, and to say  this at least - this was the first one I actually learned from.  Thank you!"

~ Robin Wells, May 2011 Children's Etiquette Certification Graduate

"Robin Wells CPR""Grads with CPR dummies"











"Graduate Wendy Finch with Peggy Newfield"

Dear Peggy and Staff,

Thank you all for your time and effort over the last week. I am excited to return home and share my new skills with others. This training has opened my eyes to the layers and layers of etiquette and protocol techniques to teach children.  At the very least, my life has been improved because of The American School of Protocol.

~ Wendy Finch, May 2011 Children's Etiquette Certification Graduate

"Wendy Finch with Student"

"Wendy with students teaching soup course" 

"Susan with student"
Susan Callahan shared with us a few thoughts on our Communications training class.

"I thought Nancy was wonderful. Her critiques [of us] were always 'right on'. She never insulted us or made us feel even more nervous to speak in front of a group. Her suggestions on how to improve our speaking skills were so very helpful."

~ Susan Callahan, May 2011 Children's Certification Graduate

"May 2011 Class" 

Our May Children's Etiquette Certification Class was a huge success!  Working together with our twelve children participants, each trainee watched the students grow tremendously in their social skills - from learning proper introductions to engaging in a five course dinner - the children were an inspiration for our graduates.

The participants had a jam-packed week of instruction - learning how to speak with power, marketing their business, incorporating social media, legal consultation, and one-on-one sessions with Peggy on developing their business, dining instruction, CPR training, and floral design. By the end of the week, the participants of this session truly bonded.

Congratulations to our graduates on becoming a part of growing community at The American School of Protocol®.

"Catherine Arcure""I've always been convinced that the Corporate Etiquette Certification class candidates need to take your Children's Etiquette Certification class before enrolling and I'm even more convinced of it now! The details for the Corporate course are so relevant in my market, living in Manhattan. I cannot imagine having to worry about becoming familiar with the etiquette curriculum in addition to attending to the details of establishing corporate contacts and advertising one's services."

Thank you, Catherine, for sending us your thoughts on our training programs. We agree that for our novice etiquette training participants, attending our 5-Day Children's Etiquette Certification program is the first step in the process of training for our Corporate certification class. Establishing a firm foundation in the process of teaching social skills to children and young adults will make for an easier transition into the Corporate training.