Finding the right outfit for the occassionDress for the Occasion- Always make sure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion, there is nothing worse than standing out… in a bad way. It is always better to be overdressed then underdressed. You can always take off pieces and dress down if you are overdressed; unfortunately if you are underdressed you cannot dress it up. If you receive an invitation with a specific dress code, always follow it. It is rude to blatantly ignore a specific dressing request for an event.

Faux Pas- There is a certain time and place for everything. Although we live in a more casual society, it is important that we avoid being too casual and stick to a polished look. These rules apply to business as well as business casual.

Dressing For SuccessPoint of Focus- Every outfit needs one focal point whether it is a colorful blouse, tie, blazer, dress, or accessory. No matter what focal point you choose for an outfit, make sure that the pieces you wear surrounding that focal piece are complementary. If you wear something with a bright pattern the other items can be softer and non-distracting from the focal point. Avoid wearing too many accessories at once. Too many pieces can create a disorganized and chaotic look.

Think about these tips when getting ready for business events. Know the occasion and dress accordingly.

senior woman with home caregiverIn honor of National Senior Citizen Day on Thursday we thought we would post a friendly blog on ways to help senior citizens around you. Here are a few tips on how to reach out and interact with the elderly people in your community.

Show Respect- Always show respect for their greater breadth of life by avoiding using their first name unless they give you permission to call them so. Never avoid talking to older people in conversations, always acknowledge them in conversations, making sure to directly interact with them.

Reflect- People tend to fall in the trap of assuming that the word older is synonymous with outdated. This school of thought is problematic because it creates unhelpful generalizations.  Every individual is unique in his or her own way. By making these assumptions it can prevent a personal connection and knowledge sharing. Always make sure to avoid pre-conceived notions and avoid ageism.

Lend-a-Hand- As we grow older, the human body changes and requires different attention. It is important that we take notice of elderly people around us and lend out a friendly helping hand when possible. If you are in public and notice an elderly person needs a seat, stand and offer your seat to them. Before entering and exiting a building always be aware of those around you and take extra time to help someone if they require it.

Speak Clearly- It is important to speak clearly and enunciate, if the person is hard of hearing be willing to speak louder. Always speak with confidence but avoid shouting at all costs. Never assume that all elderly people are hard of hearing, adjust your voice to each individual.

Interact- Older people are more prone to social isolation and loneliness. It is important to interact with elderly people and to take time to share with them. Try to volunteer at a community center, through an organization, or even with a neighbor/ individual you know. Taking the time out of your day to talk and interact with someone can make all of the difference in both of your lives.

For anyone in the Atlanta area, there is a wonderful group, Ageless Interaction, which promotes intergenerational friendships through different types of creative and innovative activities. This group promotes the accepting of aging and shows how this process should be welcomed and not feared.

Running and Biking on Trail

As we begin the transition into fall, the inviting weather draws everyone outside. With the large amount of people on trails, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors, it’s important to respect others around you while working out. Here are a few reminders on how to maintain courtesy to others when hitting the trail.

Greeting Others- It is inevitable that you will pass people on trails and while exercising. When seeing others, it is polite to extend a brief “hello” and send a smile. This shows that you acknowledged their passing and serves as a friendly gesture. Mot people working out are strictly there for the purpose of exercising and not to make long conversation.

Make Others Aware- If you are biking or running always make sure you announce yourself to the people in front of you to ensure that they move aside and avoid running into you.

Do Your “Doo-ty”- There’s nothing more enjoyable than bringing man’s best friend along for a walk, however a walk can quickly be ruined by an unsettling smell from our furry friends. Make sure you always bring little baggies with you and pick up after your pet.


The “Right” Rule - The same rule of driving on the right side of the road applies when you are walking or running on trails. If you are walking in a largely populated area always make sure to stay towards the right to allow runners or bikers to pass you more easily.

Yielding- If you are going to take a long pause on a walking path, make sure to move yourself to the side to yield for others. We all know how annoying and unbecoming it is to have to dodge people talking in the middle of a walkway.

Avoid Littering- Trashcans can be few and far between however it is important to always throw away your trash. Even if you see others trash on the ground be a team player for the environment and your community and pick it up and throw it away.

Group Walking- Walking in a group tends to take up more space on a path. If you are a member of a group and you see people approaching to pass you, walk single file or double up depending on the size of the path. Always share the walkway to allow people to move by with ease.

Prepare for Dusk/ Dawn- Sometimes taking a run in the early morning or late at night is more convenient for a person. If you are going to work out at dusk or dawn always wear reflective clothing or reflectors.  Not only does this keep you safe it also keeps other people safe. Drivers depend on reflective gear to be aware of pedestrians, always make sure you are prepared to ensure safety for everyone.

We all want people to be encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy working out. Keep these tips in mind next time you are exercising outdoors to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience.