Often we hear comments about how "etiquette is only for stuck up people" or "etiquette does not apply to me" or "etiquette does not belong in the schools".Meeting Someone New

The American School of Protocol has fought to be approved on applications, grants and contracts all based on the bias that surrounds the word "etiquette". When did the interpretation of this word become so misunderstood?

The goal at ASP is to move forward with a new face of what etiquette really means in our daily lives.

Our plan is to Change the Stigma! If we have to call it soft skills, character traits or life skills, so be it!

To learn more about how you can help Change the Stigma read on . . . 

An ASP graduate received the following e-mail:

[simple_box]"Your presentation yesterday exceeded my expectations, and I now have a newfound appreciation for etiquette.  Your definition for etiquette was a game-changer for me ("etiquette is making others feel comfortable").  Thank you for dispelling notions that etiquette is simply class-based.  I think most (including me) have that false thought in our heads. To be frank, I was a bit hesitant about the presentation.  I worried a presentation about etiquette might encourage a traditional or submissive role for women."[/simple_box]

Many people think of "etiquette" associated with  formal parties with white gloves and ladies and men dressed up. The truth though is that etiquette is involved in our everyday lives. We have the ability to produce calm or chaos.

Merriam Webster defines etiquette as, "the rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave."


These rules allow us to deal more respectfully and effectively in our personal and professional relationships. Etiquette encompasses all of our actions from helping someone who has slipped and fallen down to knowing which fork and knife to use.

Etiquette has evolved over the years as times change. Some things that were considered proper 60 years ago (such as a man removing his hat upon entering a building) is outdated. Today, hats worn are baseball caps and some people don't know that it is a sign of disrespect to not remove them when the national anthem is played.

The term "Etiquette" has gained more backlash and disregard overtime, but when you know how to behave and what is expected of you, it gives you confidence.

Etiquette is about knowing how to put others at ease.  The core of etiquette is courtesy. Be considerate of others. It really is that simple.

Woman Waving Hello on StreetJoin us! Take a stand and Change the Stigma. Here are some important things you can do:

1. Know the Facts

Start first with education and knowing the facts that etiquette is diverse.

If someone speaks negatively about etiquette, take it upon yourself to correct them and let them know the real meaning of the word and how it applies to everyone. Showing people reality is the only way to change someone's perception.

2. Be the Example

In order to be taken seriously, you need to make sure that your actions and words are those of positivity and are an example for others to follow. Please practice what you preach.Helping A Stranger

3. Power in Numbers

While change can be brought about by one person, there is much more power in numbers. Ask your friends and allies to help spread the word and define what etiquette really means.

4. Include Everyone???????????????????????????????????????

The beauty of etiquette is that it includes everyone. No one is discriminated or excluded.

Etiquette applies to every person of all ages and demographics. We live in a world that has progressively become more violent and sad. Change must happen!

Etiquette not only strengthens an individual, it shapes a community. Be a part of helping your community by your words and actions. Be kinder and create a more thoughtful place to live. Educate yourself before others - Change the Stigma.

Please, say you will join us!

Click Here to tell us what you think about our goal to Change the Stigma.

Woman on PhoneIn this busy world, we too often forget general etiquette tips. We get in a hurry, get stuck in traffic and then wham next thing you know,  you have just been extremely rude to more than half a dozen people who got caught in the midst of your rampage.

While many of us keep these tips filed in the back of our mind, sometimes you just need a bit of a refresher. Let’s take it back to the basics.

• Acknowledge those around you.

• Make eye contact.

• Have a friendly attitude – smile!

• Ask others how their day is going.

• When in public remember you are sharing the space with others.

• A speakerphone is only meant to be used as a convenience. Not everyone wants to be a part of your conversation.

• Hold the door for others.  There’s nothing worse than having a door shut in your face, especially when your hands are full.

• If you feel a cough or sneeze coming on, cover both your nose and mouth and turn away from others.

• When dining it’s always a good idea to utilize a fork, knife and napkin.

• Restaurant workers make most of their money through tips, so tip kindly.

• Share the road with others.

• Stop for pedestrians in walkways.

• Don’t steal a parking space from someone who has been waiting.

• Don’t litter.

• Be honest.

• Respect the opinions of others.  Even if you don’t agree.

• Treat others how you would like to be treated.

• Don't take the credit. If it is not your idea then you have no right to take claim of an idea.

• If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, then don’t say it all.

Buying GroceriesBefore you unleash your anger on a call center representative because you have been on hold for 10 minutes - Stop – think about how many times they have already heard that today.  Then think about how you would like to be treated if that were your position.

How great does it feel when that one car finally stops at the cross walk for you? Or when someone who has a large load at the grocery store lets you and your 5 items go ahead? Today is the day you should start treating others with kindness and consideration and you may just see that you get lots of it in return.

????????????????????????????????Definition: ug·ly A·mer·i·can noun An American who behaves offensively when abroad.

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences. If underprepared and unsure of the region’s customs, it can also be a very stressful time for you and annoying for those around you. Read on for how not to be mistaken for an "Ugly American".

•Before you decide to jet off to a country, do your research. Learn as much about the culture and people before you arrive.  If you do not speak the language, learn a few key phrases and invest in a translation app or book.

•Money makes all trips possible.  So before you make landfall, be sure you are aware of the currency used by the country you will be visiting.  Typically, if you exchange your money before you arrive, you will be able to avoid a higher currency exchange fee. Banks offer this service for a small fee or even free.

???????????????????????????????????????•Traveling to a different country means long flights and little leg room. If you have been on a plane in the last decade, then you know that your personal space on a plane is decreasing as you read this.

•Airlines are trying to figure out how to add more passengers onto every flight, so it is really important to respect other’s space.  Have your luggage neatly tucked away and leave as much room as possible for others.  Just because you have someone sitting next to you, that does not mean that you have an open invitation to talk to them. Respect other’s privacy and make sure that if you are in a conversation that it’s mutual.

•When you arrive at your destination, most likely you will need a taxi to take you from point A to point B.  If you encounter a reckless taxi driver and you feel unsafe, immediately ask the driver to pull over and let you out. Do not yell at the driver, but record the car number and get out safely. Once you are out, call the company and let them know about the awful experience.

Dollarphotoclub_55850402•One of the greatest joys in traveling to new countries is the chance to take in the sites. Respect the fact that these sites hold an enormous historical and cultural value and should be left as you found them.  Don’t carve your initials on anything or leave litter for someone else to pick up.  When the museum says “No Pictures”, please obey and put your camera away.

•Dining out is definitely something that you will be doing.   Know what the culture’s dining customs are and what times are set aside for lunch and dinner. Or is it called supper?  What local cuisine should be a “must a try”?

•If you end up disrespecting the culture or their food, it is highly likely that you will be labeled as an “Ugly American”.  If you want to learn more about dining styles abroad click here.Paris

•If the menu is in a different language or you do not recognize certain dishes offered, then ask. It is ok to be unsure.  When asked politely, most wait staff persons are so happy to help.

•Every country has a different policy in regards to tipping. Do yourself a favor and do research on the tipping customs and the percentage that is customary to that country.

•If you happen to run into some inconsiderate neighbors in your hotel, take the appropriate actions. If the problem escalates, call the manager on duty and have them resolve the problem or get you a new room. Avoid taking matters into your own hand, which usually intensifies the problem.

•It is also important to know about the government and laws.  Not every country is a democracy and laws can vary drastically in different nations.

For years, we have been known as the "Ugly American.”  It is an image that we, unfortunately, deserve.  Please keep these tips in mind next time you travel and do your best to show kindness and consideration for all people you meet.  Be a “Role Model American” not an "Ugly American".

??????????????????????????????????????Emailing is one of the most popular forms of communication used today.  We interact with family, friends, and colleagues all through email. Some people receive hundreds of emails a day and it is important to make sure that we are sending the right kind of email. Here is a list of ten tips to keep in mind when emailing others.

1. Write in Subject Line: Always make sure to write in the subject line to ensure that the recipients of the email are aware of the type of email they are receiving before they open it. Messages lacking a subject line are often either disregarded or end up in the spam folder.

2. Use Reply All Sparingly: Be careful when using the reply all button. Only use this option if you feel that it is imperative that all recipients read the same email. It is often annoying and distracting to receive numerous amounts of email notifications from others that have no interest to you.

3. Proofread: Everyone makes gram matical mistakes here and there but it is important that you proofread each email before you hit send. Always use the spellchecker first and then try reading the email aloud to catch any last mistakes.

4. Proper Salutations: Make sure you are using the correct salutation for the type of email that you are sending. If you are sending a workplace email be sure to use “Hello”, “Dear”, or “Hi”. Save your more informal salutations for friends and family.

5. Respond Timely: The beauty of email is that you can take your time to respond. However, it is important to answer each email within 24 to 48 hours.Dollarphotoclub_50898403

6. Be Careful w/ Large Attachments: Sending a large attachment can clog the recipients inbox and cause other emails to bounce. Before you send attachments over 500KB reach out to the person to see if it is ok to send or if they prefer having that file sent to another email.

7. Maintain Privacy: If you are sending an email to a large group of people, please protect their contact information. When messaging everyone, insert their addresses into the BCC column. Always make sure when using third party sites to send emails that the sites privacy policy does not give out or sell their email addresses without the users permission.

?????????????????????????????????????????????8. Avoid Slang: Although many people use slang in text messages, it is important that in your emails you avoid abbreviations. Remember that it is easier for a person to respond to a shorter and clearer email than a jumbled and confusing one.

9. Use Anti-Virus Software: Today computer viruses are prevalent. Make sure you have anti-virus software on your computer to ensure that your email is not hacked and sending spam links out to your address book.

10. Avoid Emailing Angry: We have all been on the receiving end of an angry email. Try not to respond immediately back using the same tone. Take a minute and let the email digest. Really think about the words you want to use in your response. Emailing angry can lead to more serious repercussions and could cause you to say things that you regret.?????????????????????????????????????????????????


????????????We live in a society filled with new and expanding technology. While new technology can be exciting, it can also create a barrier and take away from real world interactions. Here are list of ways to make sure that technology is not making you rude.

Trolling- This is a new term that has arisen due to the anonymity of the internet. Just because the internet gives you the ability to speak up and to hide your real identity does not mean that you can bully others. Remember the golden rule, if you would not say it directly to the person then do not say it all.

Thank You Letters- There is no doubt that technology has made communication much easier. However, thank you notes should not be written in text messages and on Facebook. If you need to thank someone then make an effort to write a hand written note and if that is not possible then send an email. Hand written notes are highly regarded and show appreciation.

???????????????????????????Interruptions- Just because you have a gadget that can make noises does not mean that you should have it on loud 24/7. Before going into a movie or a meeting make sure your phone is silenced. These interruptions are small but can carry a large impact.

Lateness- It is unacceptable to be late. We all know that things happen and that sometime we come across unfortunate circumstances. However, it is not acceptable to constantly rely on  text messages to say your running behind or to make excuses.

????????????????????????????Human Interaction- Do not let technology replace human interaction. Just because technology makes it easier to reach out to people and to connect does not mean that you should do away with human interaction. Whether or not you are with friends, family, or colleagues make sure that you are present. Live in the moment that you are in.

Technology is wonderful, but do not let it make a negative impact. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that technology is not making you rude.