November 20, 2012

3 Ways to Enjoy a Solo Holiday



If you find yourself alone this holiday season, there are ways to combat the feelings of loneliness that may creep into your day. Here are three weapons you can keep at your disposal:



  1. It has been said over and over, but volunteering is the best way to overcome loneliness.  When you volunteer, a task is assigned to you and working to complete that task makes you feel productive.  Plus, you may not be working alone, which presents the perfect opportunity for making a new friend or two.  As a volunteer, you are also “giving” in some way to a person, place, or animals.  A number of research studies show that giving back improves our mental and physical well-being.  A definite win-win!
  2. Take a vacation.  A change of scenery – even if you are alone – can improve your outlook on things.  If you are spending time by yourself, you may as well be in a fun, adventurous place.
  3. Treat yourself.  Cook an elaborate holiday meal for yourself or order in.  Spend time on a project you never seem to get to.  Go outside and enjoy some sunshine.  Relax on the couch and watch the movies you have been meaning to see.  It may be a holiday, but it is yours to use any way you want.  Live it up!

Facing a holiday on your own does not have to be lonely.  Choose what you want to do with this time and do it - just for you.

Have you experienced a holiday alone?  Tell us your story.

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