January 7, 2010

Are You Driving Away Business?

I recently decided to purchase a new car. For some people, there is no attachment to whatever they are driving, but for me, my car is usually at least a 10 year love affair. Ten years ago, I purchased my car from a dealership, so I called them first to make an appointment with the same salesperson. I was told he had moved on but they could quickly connect me with a new sales associate.

When I arrived, I explained to my new SA that I would like the same model and color. What else could there be to decide? After driving 3 cars, and with my checkbook in my hand, I said, ‘This is it, I’ll have this one.’ The SA looked at me and said, ‘Now, will your husband (of whom there had been no mention) have to sign off on the car?’. This is the 21st century and 62% of the workforce is female – where have you been, fella? I looked him right in the eye and said, ‘Actually, I’m not sure I do like this color.’

I drove straight to another dealership on the same street, and I bought a car in less than 50 minutes. Even though I had never driven that make before, I fell in love immediately.  I won’t ever return to the first dealership, because my new love and I will be driving through fields of buttercups in slow motion for many years to come.

... and that Makes Momma Happy!

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