March 18, 2011

ASP February 2011 Children's Certification Graduate, Denise Wilkins shares her thoughts on our training

"Denise with Child"

I want to share how very grateful I am for everything you and your staff did to make our training top notch. Remember how you told us that you sought out the best of the best to educate yourself in every aspect of the field? I feel  as though our class has done the same. I can't imagine ANYONE training us better than you and your staff. I feel as though I got our monies worth and then some. We were laughing every night while in Atlanta that you have definitely thought of everything that we would need to know. We left Atlanta with not one question in our head that we could think of to ask that wasn't already answered. Just the same, you have thought of MANY topics that we hadn't even thought about in starting an etiquette school. For example, the background checks suggestion, giving us CPR certification, the speech consultant training us on media avenues, such as Facebook, are just a few of the areas I believe were a bonus to the intensive etiquette training we received. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the VERY BEST etiquette training school around and I am very proud to be a part of it.

~ Denise Wilkins, February 2011 Children's Etiquette

"Denise with Peggy"

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