Meet Our Graduate: Johnnie Hunter

Coming to this etiquette training class and being able to work with the children, I am definitely better prepared to train my own students! I simply can’t imagine having to teach children’s etiquette without learning the techniques that we were taught, having  the first hand interaction with the children and Peggy’s teaching style was second […]

Meet Our Graduate: Debbie Parsons

The one-on-one time with Peggy Newfield was Great! She made me feel so relaxed and able to concentrate on the business at hand.  Peggy is a wealth of information and certainly a continual asset to my new business venture. Debbie Parsons, Graduate, October 2009

Meet Our Graduate: Irenee Ritter

The experience of walking into an elegant dining room of exquisitely presented florals just transformed the children.  Brenda Brettschneider, an award winning floral judge, inspired us to achieve a level of creative floral endeavor that surpassed us all.  We experienced hands on training that will enhance the beauty in our lives forever. Thank you! Irenee […]

Meet Our Graduate: Kelly McClellan

I am so pleased with my overall experience at The American School of Protocol!  Peggy and the staff did a superb job at scheduling hotel, limos, lunches, dinners, materials, classes, experts, etc.  Very little was left for the students to handle.  Having everything organized and provided during training made it easier to focus on the […]

Meet Our Graduate: Peggy Hinshaw

The instructors at The American School of protocol were each completely dedicated to equipping me to deliver my classes at the highest levels of excellence.  Each of the many team members was not only an expert in their topic, they were nationally recognized for their individual successes.  I felt that due to their collective commitment […]
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