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Power Presence & Style®

1-day business etiquette seminar

2021 Dates:
February 2nd, 2021
April 6th, 2021
June 22nd, 2021

Remember that awkward feeling when….

  • Introducing someone and totally forgot his or her name.
  • Standing at a reception and someone came over to shake your hand…but your hands were full, holding a plate, glass and napkins.
  • You found yourself innocently buttering your roll at a business lunch, only to discover that you took it from your clients bread plate

Impressions, positive or negative are made within the first seven seconds upon meeting someone.  In today’s fast paced technical world of business, do the people who represent your company pass the seven second test?  The American School of Protocol® can lend a hand.

Power, Presence & Style®, a one day business etiquette life skills class, is a game changer for new hires and a refresher for C-level executives, politicians, physicians, lawyers, accountants and really anyone else who is in business.  You never know what you don’t know.

The day focuses on how you look, how you speak, the sound of your voice, networking a room, remembering names, and business lunch strategies.  Table manners are the same whether you are eating at Joe’s BBQ or The St. Regis Hotel.

Today, working from home is a common practice.  How do your employees sound on the phone?  We buy off what we see and hear.  Latest statistics indicate that 91% of dissatisfied customers never complain about personal discourtesies, they simply take their business elsewhere.

Participants receive 50 pages of educational take home information, a four course business lunch and a video of Dining and Networking at Home and Abroad on a flash drive.

The American School of Protocol®, a division of Personal Best, Inc., limits each class to 15 participants.

Price: $995.00

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At American School of Protocol® you receive outstanding curriculum, guidance on starting your business or integrating our materials into existing HR, full time support after training at no charge, and certification from the most recognized etiquette company in America.

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  • Price: $995.00
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Graduate Testimonials

"Wonderful! Peggy answered all of the questions I've wondered about but was too afraid to ask. Lots of fun, very entertaining, and informative. Thank you!"
Newark, New Jersey
"Thank you so much for your help! I will take home many beneficial suggestions. With time, I believe my professional confidence will grow because of your advice."
San Fransisco, California
"I plan to implement some of the suggestions immediately, to distinguish myself from my competitors and impress friends and relatives."
Atlanta, GA
"My hat is off to you! Fantastic presentation for our group. It brought back memories of childhood when I was taught etiquette but have not practiced for years. My confidence has received a boost."
Aurora, Colorado
"Thank you so very much for much-needed etiquette training. Your presentation showed me that my little bit of information on etiquette was a dangerous thing! Your time and energy were truly an amazing gift for our training group."
Rochester, New York
"I just wanted to write you a short note of appreciation for your Power, Presence, and Style seminar. Believe it or not, this was my third etiquette class--but this one was by far the most helpful. I especially enjoy the networking tips. Thank you for your time and inexhaustible energy."
Akron, Ohio