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2022 Dates:
February 7th - 10th
April 4th - 7th
June 20th-23rd

The world’s future rests solely on the shoulders of our young people. Many will step up to the plate, assume responsibility, and lead successfully. Others will never have the opportunities to succeed because their world did not have that special guide, mentor, or parent. If you are interested in becoming that mentor or guide, at The American School of Protocol® , our 900 page children’s training manuals offer information on how to be that game-changer in the lives of these young adults. Educate your children by becoming a Children's Etiquette Consultant.

You will receive information on how to start your business as well as 58 curriculum teaching lessons for 1st through 12th grades. Each day you will view videos of our President, Peggy Newfield, teaching lessons to children. Experiencing the lessons being taught each day allows you to visualize how you will conduct your own classes.

Our in-depth program has many moving parts; videos especially made to enhance your learning process, break out engaging sessions with our staff experts, small group interaction, practical teaching techniques, and antidotes of success and failure in doing business.

After completing your training, The American School of Protocol® offers unlimited mentoring and ongoing support after certification with no annual fees.

Price: $3,995 U.S. / $4,995 International

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At American School of Protocol® you receive outstanding curriculum, guidance on starting your business, mentoring and ongoing support with no annual fees.

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Graduate Testimonials

“Spending those four days with you on zoom for The Children's Etiquette Certification® were a joy. The amazing stories you delivered throughout the course helped me enormously to retain much of the 900 pages of information. I look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Switzerland. Thank you for sharing this brilliant program.”
“The training certainly exceeded my expectations. The training manuals are outstanding. I was impressed by the huge volume of subject material, as well as the detailed guide designed to help us through our own presentations. The classes were informative and the participants were also interesting. Everyone came with a unique style and something different to offer which created an incredible learning experience.”
San Antonio, TX
“I chose ASP due to the fact that they represented a model for etiquette that I would like to emulate. The knowledge the company imparts, the immediate response they provided to my questions, and simply the interest they displayed in me, made my decision very easy.”
“ASP manuals were clear and so anticipatory of what every question and problem would be and how each challenge could be met successfully. I marvel at the completeness of these manuals and how helpful they continue to be for me.”
New York, NY
“This training was everything and more. Peggy was so thoughtful and intentional when designing the online curriculum and training. Peggy answered all of my questions thoroughly. Being certified by The American School of Protocol® is a dream come true. I have been looking forward to attending for 8 years. The training was extremely informative. I was given all of the tools needed. Peggy and her staff are so kind and went above and beyond.”
Fresno, CA
“This certification program was very special, not only because it was professionally organized, but also Peggy and her staff were open and honest about what it takes to run a successful business.”
Dover, DE