Corporate Etiquette Testimonials

“Each day of training was intense and provided something new and challenging, Peggy was very open to questions and making sure we grasped the contents she presented. She also provided concrete experiences to help us visualize being in the field.” – Dual Graduate, D.P., San Antonio, TX

“This course provided a lot of quality information and it was right on target. Excellent tools, documents, videos, hands-on learning modules and Peggy’s expertise made for an eye-opening week of training.” -J.K., Baltimore, MD

“It was clearly evident from day one that Peggy had high expectations for us, not only for the week, but in our businesses. She provided a top notch experience from the facilities to the information in the manuals, and everything in-between.” – A.J., Memphis, TN

“I have attended numerous professional training classes over the years and found your classes to be among the most engaging, thorough, and rewarding that I have experienced. The materials were beautifully prepared and presented and reflected Peggy’s impressive background in the field of etiquette.” – L.S., Oklahoma City, OK

“I am so pleased to have an association with The American School of Protocol. Again, my sincerest expression of gratitude for all you do to prepare aspiring etiquette teachers and the difference you make in the lives of children and adults.”  – D.M., Phoenix, AZ

“The comprehensive content and teaching process framework you provide will allow me to devote more time to marketing and teaching.” -Dual Graduate, K.C., Beverly Hills, CA