June 9, 2010

Cows and Turbines?

Lisheen Castle is positioned on a hill surrounded by beautiful green pastures. Looking out our bedroom windows, there are hundreds of cows grazing peacefully in every direction. Oddly enough, in the distance are lots of wind turbines so my views for miles around are cows and technology. Small towns surround us in every direction.

Today, we visited Cashel and had a five star meal at The Palace Hotel. My first course, which I had never tasted before was goat cheese with red sweet onions on top, baked in a thin pastry shell. This work of art was resting on organic greens, with cucumber and grape tomatoes, also marinated black olives. A sweet sauce was drizzled over this creation and my taste buds went crazy. It was so delicious!

There is much formality and multi courses if you are eating in a pricey restaurant. Of course all bets are off if you are in a Pub. No food is served in Pubs and we will visit one over the next few days.

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