Cultivating Character Conference

A one-day training course for individuals teaching character education to Pre K through high school.
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Cultivating Character Conference 

1-day online etiquette curriculum for children, Pre-K through Highschool 

2021 Dates:
January 15th, 2021
February 19th, 2021
March 19th, 2021

If you are seeking character education curriculum for students, our one-day, Cultivating Character Conference offers a life skills program for pre-k through high school.   The 1100 page character education curriculum is divided into 5 manuals, each with 10 lessons, except high school (16), and is written to be taught by an instructor in a 50 minute classroom period.  

Let our President, Peggy Newfield, and staff guide you through the talking points of each one of the manuals.  In addition, you will also experience an “etiquette online manners lunch” so that you can see if all of “mom’s rules” are still the same.  (A little humor never hurts.)

With the significance that bullying and social media play in today’s society, Cultivating Character focuses on increasing important life skills such as a student’s self-confidence, tolerance, and respect for others.  Printable handouts on a flash drive accompany each lesson.

Cultivating Character Conferences are held online each month in Atlanta, GA.  A certificate of completion is issued from the American School of Protocol®  at the end of the day.  

Online Training

Due to the pandemic, we are currently offering the seminar as online training for just $1395.  The fees include a USB drive with the manuals in digital format. If a hard copy is requested add $100 to the total cost ($1495).

Questions & Answers

Q. Why Choose the Character Education Series?

A.  The Character Education Series is unlike any other. Our extensive curriculum is handcrafted, targeting the specific development ages of children. Our founder, Peggy Newfield, has personally studied and trained over 10,000 children. The lessons have been precisely written from her research and hands on experience. The series does not simply scratch the surface, it provides an in-depth curriculum in order to set the child up for academic and lifelong success.

Q. Is the curriculum developmentally appropraite?

A.  Yes, our curriculum aligns itself with the definition according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Our curriculum is age appropriate for the individual child.  Each of our manuals has been carefully constructed to target core lessons appropriate and necessary for children, Pre-K through 12th grade.

Q. Are a variety of instructional approaches used?

A.  Yes, each lesson includes different types of instructional approaches.  Our syllabus incorporates handouts, scenarios, and homework assignments for the children.  We recognize that each child has their own way of learning and therefore the lessons incorporate various types of methods to target all children.

Q. Does the curriculum actively involve all children?

A.  Yes, our curriculum actively involves all children and provides the tools to keep the students fully engaged at all times. The curriculum allows the children to interact in different ways and to learn through observations and hands-on activities. In teaching the Character Education Series, the children were eager to participate. They wanted to learn more because of the engaging format of each lesson.

Q. Are there clear goals for learning?

A.  Yes, at the beginning of every manual, we provide a clear outline of the objectives for the lesson.  Each individual lesson begins with stating the goals for the children. At the end of the lesson we include an outline for the goals that should have been achieved by the children.

Q. Is family involvement encouraged?

A.  Yes, we believe that family involvement coupled with the Character Education Series creates the perfect recipe for success.  Each of the lessons includes homework assignments that require the students to show what they have learned by interacting with their family.

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"We cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude for the quality of training that you provided. You opened a door I didn’t even know existed."
Montgomery, Alabama
"Our day of training together at The American School of Protocol may be over yet the wheels of inspiration you put in motion just keep turning. I left feeling confident and inspired to take what I know and expand on it in creative ways."
Atlanta, Georgia
"I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I had during your Cultivating Character Seminar. I learned so much and I feel a great sense of confidence now. Thank you for opening your home to us and taking such great care in every detail of our accommodation throughout our stay in Atlanta. You have a terrific staff that made us feel at home."
Corpus Cristi, Texas
"The quality of your curriculum goes without saying. I have been telling everyone who will listen, about my wonderful day of training with you. You and your talented staff made it a very special and educational time. Thank you for effecting this change in who I am and how I present myself to those I meet."
St. Petersburg, Florida
"Peggy, it was a privilege to meet and work with you. Thank you for your passion for perfection, and patience in teaching others how to follow their dreams and carry on a legacy of excellence."
Raleigh, North Carolina
"Your seminar was filled with charm, warmth, and substance. It was so gracious of you to open your home to us. Your expertise, knowledge, and years of experience certainly were apparent throughout the training. I look forward to many more associations with your school and exceptional skill you exuded so eloquently."
Tucson, Arizona