June 5, 2010

Cultural Experiences in Ireland

This week, Steve and I are in Ireland with 12 friends. One of the best ways to expand your etiquette knowledge, as well as your horizons of life, is to visit and participate in another culture.

We have rented Lisheen Castle, an 18th Century structure on the outside and a totally 21st Century renovation on the inside. With 9 bedrooms, everyone has plenty of space.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that the food in Ireland is just potatoes and carrots. Even though we have been here 3 short days, our meals have been fabulous.

One observation is that in Ireland, the take-home leftovers that we do so often in America are not customary here. There were no boxes, so our delicious extra food was placed in tinfoil.

There is so much to tell, and I look forward to sharing with you while we are in Ireland!

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