January 6, 2010

Did You Make Someone Happy Today?

Today, something very ‘rich’ happened. Before the holidays, I had decided that this year I would make homemade soup for all of our friends and neighbors. I cooked six or seven shoulder roasts to use as my soup base. Adding as many organic vegetables as possible to make the soup thick, my soup tasted wonderful!

I received a beautiful Thank You letter today from our next-door neighbor. Everybody’s life is so hectic and we almost never see these neighbors. In her letter, she set the scene of how busy the holidays had been with cooking, present shopping and choir duties. She then described how, after all the family members left after Christmas, she and her husband sat in front of the fire, feet propped up, eating the soup. She also mentioned that a serving tray that she used during the holidays was a gift from me 20 years ago.

For someone to take the time to say Thank You, as well as getting a tour down memory lane, made it a rich day for me.

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