October 26, 2016

Halloween Party Horror Guests

halloween-2A Halloween party is a great chance for celebrating, dressing up, socializing and catching up with old friends.  This is an excellent time to relax and get into the spirit of Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you should lose your manners once you put on your costume.

We’re sure your Halloween celebration includes some ghoulish fun, which we strongly encourage.  And though we‘d never want to make your blood boil, we do feel the need to remind you that the usual party etiquette guidelines still apply.

Don't want to be known as the "Halloween Horror Guest"? Here are a few tips to keep in mind this Halloween . . .

Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Yes, Halloween is a fun holiday where you can dress up and get into character. With that being said, choose your attire wisely. If you are unsure about the “type” of party and who will be in attendance, ask the host. If your costume will offend (er, scare the daylights out of) potential guests, you may want to reconsider or tone down the offensiveness.

Bringing a +1

If you would like to bring an uninvited friend or date, check with your host in advance - - - not on the day of the party.

Have A Plan

If you plan on drinking alcohol decide ahead of time if you will be taking an Uber or if there will be a designated driver.


Watch your alcohol consumption.  Always keep in mind that your social life and your professional appearance go hand in hand, so be on your best behavior.


Fashionably late is a saying, but it is also extremely annoying. Don’t arrive three hours late or show up early.


If there are people that you do not know introduce yourself and remember to keep the conversation causal and light.

Thanking the Host

Greet the host upon arrival/departure (no matter how many people are attending or how hard it is to find them) and don’t forget to thank your host when you leave the party.  Even though you said thank you, remember to send a hand-written note thanking the host again for a wonderful time.

Know When It’s Time to Leave

Always be aware “when the party is over.” On Halloween the festivities can run into the wee hours.  Know when it’s time to call it a night.


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