December 26, 2013

Holiday Photo Sharing Tips

Technology makes it incredibly easy to share photos these days.  Gone are the days when the time lapse for film developing helped us make appropriate decisions about the pictures we made public.

Just in case your inner editor is on hiatus this holiday season and you have the urge to post every photo on your smartphone, please allow us to bring you back to reality.

  • Don’t post pictures of anyone who imbibed in too much egg nog.  Or any other beverage, for that matter.  No one is attractive in this limited state of consciousness, and you never know what consequences may have to be paid if the wrong person sees such a post.
  • Always get permission to post.  When taking photos, make sure everyone knows you intend to post it online so they have a chance to opt-out. And if you take pictures of children, make very sure you have their parents’ permission.
  • Think twice about posting anything snapped under the mistletoe.  A sweet couple pose is one thing, but slobbery make-outs are quite another thing.  Yuck!
  • Don’t embarrass your children with memories of past holidays.  Especially your teens, who are most likely also on social media sites.  You may think the picture of 3-year-old Tommy in his Santa pajamas is ever so cute, but 15-year-old Tommy will not be amused when his friends see that you posted such a horrid photo.

Sharing memorable photos is a beautiful and appreciated thing.  But it is important to consider if they are truly beautiful, and appreciated, before posting them for all to see.

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