October 19, 2011

Importance of Good Listening

Research shows that although 80 percent of our day is spent communicating, most of that time is spent listening at 25 percent efficiency. This is a huge problem in business situations, because effective listening can bring many advantages and eliminate numerous problems. You can build people’s esteem and your own managerial effectiveness by learning to listen better.

We often listen poorly when we disagree with the opinion being made.  Our preconceptions distract from listening along with sensory stimuli and bodily states — hunger, exhaustion, lack of physical comfort, health issues, too hot or too cold. Mental distractions — an argument we had, or an unresolved problem along with external noises — running motor, noisy air conditioner, voices and telephone can also contribute to poor listening.

Good listening reduces wasted time and energy, which translates into increased productivity. And it is even good for one’s physical health — blood pressure rises when the person speaks, decreases when they listen. Make an effort each day to listen more not only with open ears, but with an open mind.

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