June 21, 2011

June 2011 Graduate, Anjali Arnold, shares her thoughts on our founder, Peggy Newfield

 "Anjali Arnold with Peggy Newfield"

"The American School of Protocol® was exactly what we expected.  An extensive curriculum was presented in a logical, organized manner.  However, I was not certain as to what type of person and instructor owner and founder, Peggy Newfield, would be. From my limited interaction with her, I expected a very prim and proper impersonal individual. To my surprise and delight, she was quite different. She is a friendly, kind, caring, warm, witty, savvy businesswoman. My field is accouting and I consider myself a "knowledge snob" that will only listen to someone who knows their subject area. Ms. Newfield is not just someone who knows her subject area, she is an "expert"."

~ Anjali Arnold, June 2011 Children's Etiquette Certification Graduate

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