November 15, 2010

Kudo's to Our Graduate, Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick

We were thrilled that our graduate, Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, was featured in October's issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. Her article, "Dinner for Schmucks" offers a few rules and tips for business dining:

  • Never exceed two glasses of alcohol or more than what the host is drinking.  Hold the glass by the bowl, rather than the stem, to avoid spills. Avoid clinking glasses during a toast or raise your glass if you are the one being toasted.
  • Use the internationally accepted method of dining - Continental. Keep both fork and knife in hand and eat off the back of the fork.
  • Avoid foods on the bone, such as roasted chicken, that are hard to eat gracefully. For oysters, always use a fork - no slurping! Hamburgers should be cut into quarters. Lobster should be avoided totally - you will look silly wearing a bib!
  • Always excuse yourself to the restroom for any flossing or lipstick application.
  • The host should pay for everything, including coat check and valet. Take cues from the host on whether to order an appetizer, dessert, or drink.
  • Never take home leftovers.

Thank you, Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick for representing the philosophies of The American School of Protocol® so eloquently to the media. Congratulations on your continued success with your business, The Etiquette School of New York.

Visit the following link to see the CNN feature on Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick:

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