March 5, 2012

Meet our Graduate, Peggy Patrick

Let’s face it, most children view etiquette as a boring drudgery and it is probably because of the way most people teach the subject.  In this day and age, families dining together in their home can be virtually non-existent in a child’s life. It is refreshing to see someone of Ms. Newfield’s caliber introduce children to not only manners and etiquette at the table, but also the art of interesting conversation.

During our three hour dinner with the students, I was amazed at how adult the children conducted themselves. The children we worked with quickly blossomed before our eyes.  They were glowing with pride and happiness when the class was over.  As a future Children’s Etiquette Trainer, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to learn Peggy’s style of teaching and to have had the opportunity to work with her amazing staff as well!

Peggy Patrick

Dunedin, FL

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