December 1, 2010

October Children's Certification Graduate, Cookie Gallegos describes the strong "sisterhood" at ASP

There is nothing better than knowing you are well equipped for the task at hand and that you have all the support you may need as you attempt that task. At The American School of Protocol®, this support comes through a strong sisterhood of women. Starting with the epitome of etiquette professionals, Peggy Newfield and her extraordinary staff, the foundation for this support system is in place. These women work tirelessly to bring out the best in each of the trainees. As you learn and grow together, lasting relationships are being established. We may have begun the week as strangers sharing a common passion, but we will end our training as a part of something much bigger and stronger than ourselves. We are part of an elite group, a sisterhood committed to encourage and support one another as we prosper and our businesses grow. Having been trained by the best, The American School of Protocol®, I look forward to sharing in the joy of seeing my sisters and myself succeed as Etiquette Consultants!

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