Character Education for Middle School Boys


Character Education for Middle School Boys is a curriculum of ten lessons designed to teach 6th to 9th grade boys how to conduct themselves with confidence. The middle grades are typically a time of awkwardness and curiosity. This program contains lessons that will give boys the information and practice they need to push through these years and be prepared for the events high school will bring.



The Character Education Series is unlike any other.  Our extensive curriculum is handcrafted, targeting the specific developmental ages of children. Our founder, Peggy Newfield, has personally studied and trained over 10,000 children. The lessons have been precisely written from her research and hands on experience.  This series does not simply scratch the surface, it provides an in-depth curriculum in order to set the child up for academic and lifelong success.

This Product Contains

  • 10 Lessons Structured for 50-minute Classes
  • List of Objectives for Each Lesson
  • Classroom Set-Up
  • Teaching Instructions
  • Teacher/Student Dialogue
  • Over 50 Printable Student Handouts
  • Unit Quizzes & Final Exam
  • Lessons are Printed in Color
  • Bound in a 3-ring Padded Binder

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