February 5, 2010

Rules are Rules...or are they?

Because I made a promise to my daughter that I would NOT preach in my blog, I thought I would share with you some slight bends of the rules that I use at my house. They are still well within ‘proper’ guidelines though they do not follow the rules to the letter. Here we go…

When I have people come to our home for dinner, if I am serving a salad at the same time as the main course, I only put a dinner fork on the left side, not a dinner and salad fork. I do this because the salad fork can so easily fall off the salad plate during dinner, or when you remove the plates to prepare for dessert. If I am serving the salad before the main course, then I will set the table with a salad fork, a dinner fork and two knives. That allows our guests to use a salad fork and a salad knife with that course. Then for the main course, the dinner fork and knife will be used.

In this instance, the one rule I do not bend is that I always use the appropriate utensils. Every fork set from left to right is married to a knife.

Do you ever bend the rules? Do tell!

...and we’ll see if that Makes Momma Happy!

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