December 20, 2017

Simple Dining Tips to Help You Soar

In the aviation world, these three words are considered a common approach to flying situations. 

Aviation studies have discovered that during emergencies pilots can get so focused on solving the problem that they forget to actually fly the airplane.

Being prepared and knowing exactly what you will do before you do it serves us well in all aspects of life. This tactic can also be employed to help you feel more comfortable when dining with others. 



[one_half_last]You won’t be panicked because you accidently used someone else’s bread plate or so frazzled that you forget to eat.

Here are a few tips that will ensure you land once you have taken off!

Prepare For Take Off 

  • Show up on time and be ready to take off
  • Listen and ask questions
  • Look at your instruments (aka utensils) Review their uses and employ them when needed to ensure a smooth trip. 

Avoid Turbulence

  • Hovering over your plate
  • Inhaling your food
  • Startling Sounds (slurping, burping and gulping)

Final Approach

  • Look around and take cues (You’ll know when it is almost over)
  • Say something convincing about the meal

The Landing

  • Refrain from forcefully pushing your plate away at the end of the meal.

The takeoff is important just like the landing and everything in-between, but the most important part is how you walk away feeling after the experience and how you made those around you feel.


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