True or False?

When dining continental, it is correct to shift the fork from the left hand to the right hand when cutting.


Continental Style Dining



Continental dining keeps the fork in the left hand for cutting and eating. This is different than the American, or "Zig-Zag", style, in which the right hand cuts the food with the knife, which is then placed along the top of the plate, blade facing inwards. Then the fork is passed to the right hand to bring the food up to the mouth.


Graduation EtiquetteGraduation season is here, which means that it’s time for all of the ceremonies and parties that go with closing one door and opening another. Whether you are the one graduating or the one attending, be prepared for this big exciting day. Here are some do’s and don’ts for graduation etiquette.

Don't: If you are giving the graduate a present, please don’t take your gift to the graduation ceremony.  It then becomes someone else’s responsibility to take care of that gift. Send your gift in advance either before or after the graduation.

Do: If you receive a graduation announcement in the mail then you are not required to send a gift.  A congratulatory card is sufficient. If you are invited to the ceremony or to the graduation party then a gift is appropriate.

Graduation Dos and Donts

Don’t: Ask for an invite to the actual graduation. Many families receive limited tickets and can only select a certain few. If you are close enough to the family, you will probably receive a ticket. Otherwise, save your celebration for the party.

Do: Follow the specific dress code. If you are attending the graduation ceremony dress appropriately. If you are just going to attend a party follow the attire requests on the invitation or ask your host. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Don’t: Forget to turn off your cell phone. The last thing you want is to take away attention of the graduates because you accidentally left your phone on ring.

Do: If you receive a graduation present sending a handwritten thank you note is a must. An email or quick phone call is not appropriate.  People took time to pick out a present you should take the time to send a personal note.  (Click here to view a simple format for writing thank you notes.)

Happy graduation celebrations!

Receiving an invitation is usually considered a privilege.  It means you are included in a group carefully selected by the host of the event.  Lucky you!

However, with invitations comes a small amount of responsibility.  The host sent it in order to know who might attend.  So when she writes RSVP at the bottom, you are obligated to let her know if you will attend.

RSVP stands for respondez s’il vous plait.   In English, this means please respond.

What this means for you, the recipient of the invitation, is that as soon as possible, you should let the host know whether or not you are attending.  In other words, she is expecting to hear from you within a time frame suitable to continue planning her event with ease.

Many people believe a response is only necessary if they intend to make an appearance.  Not so.  RSVP applies to all invitees.

You should respond to an RSVP in the same manner that the invitation was extended.  If by mail, then send a note of acceptance or regrets.  If by email, then send your response that way.

The main idea is to let your host know whether or not you are coming.

The guest who appreciates the invitation, and responds accordingly in a timely manner, is sure to receive future invitations.  This is the kind of guest every host dreams of!