1. They make eye contact and greet others with a warm hello and goodbye.
  2. They treat everyone they meet with the same respect.
  3. Before entering and exiting a building they always look in front and behind to see if there is anyone that could use a helping hand.
  4. They are mindful and think before they speak.
  5. They accept and value differences in people.
  6. They use their fork, knife and napkin when dining.
  7. They dress for the occasion.
  8. They say please and thank you regularly - not just when they need to get their way.
  9. They let other cars merge.
  10. They avoid boasting, bragging, and gossiping.
  11. They do not push their opinions or pry by asking personal questions.
  12. They put others at ease.

Do you ever wonder what turns people off?  Sometimes our unconscious habits make others uncomfortable – maybe even repulsed. And yet, you are likely unaware that all of this is happening.

Here are 15 habits that detract people from seeing the real, wonderful you:

Do any of these look familiar? 

Next time you see someone you don’t know very well, watch how they react to your mannerisms.  If they cross their arms, start looking around the room, repeatedly shift in their seat, or turn their body so that it’s easy not to face you, they’re most likely turned off about something.

Has someone done something that turned you off?  What was it?  How did you react?

Tell us about it here or in the comments below.