I’ve always desired a greater knowledge of Etiquette.  I went online with an etiquette query and The American School of Protocol® popped up.  This was an answer to my prayers!

I immediately requested information and Peggy Newfield personally called me.  How often in this day and age does one receive an actual phone call from the business owner, and promptly I might add?  This was very impressive.  Within one week, I was committed to attending The American School of Protocol®.

Each day during the Training, we had an opportunity to watch Peggy teach the curriculum to children.  That alone is worth the price of the tuition.  Also, attention to detail from the staff was unsurpassed.

Brenda’s Tablescape Class taught us how to create a beautiful table.  C.P.R Training and Certification with Rebecca showed us how to handle an emergency. Mary Donne’s Corporate Legal guidance opened my eyes to important areas that need to be addressed when owning a business. Dolores made sure our extensive Dining knowledge was perfect. Jessica’s enlightening Social Media Session was full of ways to build our business presence and Martha’s healthy and delicious lunches each day added an extra five pounds.

I would highly recommend The American School of Protocol® to anyone that is interested in starting their own children’s Etiquette career.  The class prepares you with everything you need to start your business.  What you take away is a life changing experience.

Anne Lord - Florida


       As a former high school teacher, for me this has been a “once in a lifetime” experience. To see the children grasp the importance of etiquette in action was amazing. The tips and information learned were motivating and I would do this all over again, any day. The fact that we can call anytime and receive mentoring and advise at no charge is just wonderful.

Rebecca’s CPR class was fun and professional. Peggy’s idea that we all need to be prepared for an emergency when working with children is spot on. I have taken CPR training before and this is the first time it was actually fun.

Avery Johnson, Tennessee

The hands-on training with the children at The American School of Protocol® was invaluable. For many of us, if you can see it, you can do it. This experience makes it possible to know “first hand” how to educate the children when I return home.

Every staff member gave so much in helping us learn quickly. Toria, our communication CNN expert, was knowledgeable and helpful; Dolores had fabulous dining instructions; Brenda had all of us making beautiful flower pieces for our tables; Rebecca made sure we could save the children if necessary; Gabriele’s class on Social Media was great; And Jeffery, your corporate attorney, was very willing to advise. What a team!

This accomplishment is the culmination of a longtime dream. I am now looking forward to sharing my knowledge.

-Therese Dee, California

"Robin Wells"

"Words cannot express how fabulous Rebecca was teaching CPR.  Her personality, delivery, timing, and humor - all were off the charts for me! You cannot teach that kind of effectiveness - I have taken CPR classes before, and to say  this at least - this was the first one I actually learned from.  Thank you!"

~ Robin Wells, May 2011 Children's Etiquette Certification Graduate

"Robin Wells CPR""Grads with CPR dummies"










When working with people of any age, it is important to know and be able to perform CPR. Rebecca made the session not only informative, but also fun and interesting. Plus, the class was not complicated. Facts were given in a simple and concise way.

Our CPR trainer was an added surprise. I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of training but once again, ASP thought of everything. It makes perfect sense to have this knowledge when you work with children. Our trainer was prepared, professional and fun while we were working with our ‘blue dummies’!

Ellen Clayton, Graduate May 2010

CPR is an excellent tool to help in emergency situations. In my Children’s Certification Class at TASP, I learned the steps to conduct CPR. The first step is to see if the person can respond to your voice. Next you begin to apply CPR. That’s me in the middle, applying CPR!

This was excellent training provided by a professional.

Thank You!

Analys Marquez, Graduate, February 2010