Do your children know what to do in an emergency situation? Rio Speaks is based on a true story of a little boy who came to our etiquette class. The lesson was on "what to do" in case of an emergency at home. Several weeks later, a serious accident occured in his home. With the help of his trusted poodle, Rio, he learns the steps necessary to call emergency services quickly and get the help his mother needs. Emergencies can happen at any time. Rio Speaks is an excellent book to use as a teaching tool for your child.
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Our CPR trainer was an added surprise. I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of training but once again, ASP thought of everything. It makes perfect sense to have this knowledge when you work with children. Our trainer was prepared, professional and fun while we were working with our ‘blue dummies’!

Ellen Clayton, Graduate May 2010

rio speaksThis is just a little story that I love to share.... and it's true!

A few years ago there were several occurrences of house fires in the Atlanta area .  Each were families with young children and each had the bedrooms on the second floor.  Though all family members were saved from the fires, when interviewed, the parents responded that they had never taught their children safety skills. What to do in case of a fire? What to do if someone needs help or is hurt? Have you?

At that precise moment, a light went on at The American School of Protocol. We must include safety skills in our curriculum! Children need to know what to do and how to act in the face of emergencies. So the journey began and the course was developed.  There is even a piece of the course offered to children as young as 3 years old....but this story does not end here.

With the new course in place, a young boy named David attended one of our classes. A few days after he had successfully graduated, with certificate in hand, he became ill and had to stay home from school.  David was alone in his room when he heard a crash and discovered that his mother had fallen down the stairs and was lying unconscious.  Because of his training, David knew just what to do and calmly called for help which saved his mother's life!

We thought that was such a good story and one that should be shared.  We wanted more children  to know what to do in emergency situations so we published a book! The book is called "Rio Speaks"

...and that Makes Momma Happy!