Finding the right outfit for the occassionDress for the Occasion- Always make sure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion, there is nothing worse than standing out… in a bad way. It is always better to be overdressed then underdressed. You can always take off pieces and dress down if you are overdressed; unfortunately if you are underdressed you cannot dress it up. If you receive an invitation with a specific dress code, always follow it. It is rude to blatantly ignore a specific dressing request for an event.

Faux Pas- There is a certain time and place for everything. Although we live in a more casual society, it is important that we avoid being too casual and stick to a polished look. These rules apply to business as well as business casual.

Dressing For SuccessPoint of Focus- Every outfit needs one focal point whether it is a colorful blouse, tie, blazer, dress, or accessory. No matter what focal point you choose for an outfit, make sure that the pieces you wear surrounding that focal piece are complementary. If you wear something with a bright pattern the other items can be softer and non-distracting from the focal point. Avoid wearing too many accessories at once. Too many pieces can create a disorganized and chaotic look.

Think about these tips when getting ready for business events. Know the occasion and dress accordingly.

The shopping is complete for your children’s back to school wardrobe.  Now, what about your work wardrobe?

Professional dress, or lack thereof, is a top complaint in the workplace.  Many companies have dress codes that employees are responsible for adhering to.  But limits tend to get pushed.

Recently, a Tennessee judge felt it necessary to implement a dress code for female attorneys.  The reason?  Too many of them came to court in sleeveless shirts, mini-skirts, and one (hopefully only one) in sweat pants. 

Appropriate attire is a thorn in the side of many corporate executives and human resource professionals.  While not everyone must follow the formality of a courtroom, we are responsible for the image we project at our place of work. 

Before leaving your home each day, you might ask yourself:

If you provide favorable answers to these questions, you are most likely projecting an image appropriate to your company’s values.  Otherwise, you may have some work to do.

Check the dress code for your workplace.  Then check the style of dress of those in the position you want to have.  If you want to be an executive, are you dressing like one?

Projecting a professional, polished image and showing respect for company policies are marks of a great employee.  Ready to get to work?