If you have ever dined in a fine restaurant, you know it comes with advantages.  Impeccable service and gourmet multi-course meals usually come to mind.Opening wine Some upscale restaurants also offer the service of a sommelier, and it’s a service well worth taking advantage of. Every good meal deserves an excellent wine to go with it.  Sommeliers are available to make wine recommendations and help you choose the perfect one.  If you ordered a steak, and your dinner partner ordered salmon, ask your sommelier to suggest a wine that will compliment both dishes.  Or if you are particularly partial to Pinot Grigio, you have an instant resource for finding an obscure label that will impress everyone at your table. When making your request to a sommelier, be sure and discuss:

As with all wait staff members who serve you during your meal, you should tip the sommelier separately.  A cash tip of 10% or more, given directly to him, is appropriate. Have you ever dined with the assistance of a sommelier?  What was your experience?  Tell us about it here.