Cancelling by Text MessageTechnology is a wonderful thing. It has opened up many new doors. Today people can connect with others in an instant.

We are also living in a time where technology lets us off the hook. If we forget an appointment, we can blame it on "the email I never received".

Technology is meant to enhance communication, not diminish etiquette. Here are a few tips that will keep technology from damaging your relationships and credibility.

Running Late- Occasionally there will be a time we  will run late due to an unforeseen circumstance. Today people are using technology to let others know they are not on time. This can be through a text message, email or even social media. Technology has made it possible for people to get into a habit of running late simply because they know they can send a quick text. The correct thing to do is to pick up the phone and call to inform the other person that you are running behind, not to rely on any form of technology to pass along that message.

Man Making a Phone CallCancelling- With over 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions in the world, using technology as a scapegoat is now easier than ever. Technology has made it easy to ignore others and to not feel badly about cancelling plans. If you need to cancel plans, call the person as soon as possible. Whether or not you are meeting one person or a large group, if you must cancel, do it in advance... not showing up without a reason is unacceptable.

No Response- Have you ever heard someone say "Oh I didn't receive your message?" Well then, you have just been caught in the midst of:

  1. technology allowing us to be inconsiderate         OR
  2. the downside to technology (sometimes messages just don't reach the intended person.)

Technology has enabled us to give an extremely delayed response or sometimes no response at all. If someone reaches out to you, please respond to them within a timely manner. If you are sending a message of high importance and you do not hear back from the person, a follow up message or phone call is due on your part. We should not automatically think that the person is blatantly ignoring the message.

Canceling W/ A messageLost Art of RSVP- To email or text an RSVP instead of filling out the card sent to you is so rude. If someone takes the time to send you an invitation and they request a specific RSVP, then you need to respond in kind.

Delivering Bad News- Although a text message or email may be the easiest way to deliver bad news, it is not the correct way. Instead of sending out a mass message about a grievance, pick up the phone and call the individuals. Hearing the sound of your voice can make a huge difference.

Dishonesty- While technology has made it easier to cancel plans, it has also made some of us dishonest. If you have to cancel plans be upfront about it instead of making up an excuse. It is not ok to cancel plans and then use social media to show you at another event because you found it more "fun" than your original plans. Please consider the other person's feelings.

Technology is here to stay. It is our job to figure out how to use these forms of communication without letting them damage our relationships. One of the best ways to not let technology damage your relationships is to stick to your word. If you commit to being somewhere at a certain time, then be there.

Sending A Text Message

??????????????????????????????????????Emailing is one of the most popular forms of communication used today.  We interact with family, friends, and colleagues all through email. Some people receive hundreds of emails a day and it is important to make sure that we are sending the right kind of email. Here is a list of ten tips to keep in mind when emailing others.

1. Write in Subject Line: Always make sure to write in the subject line to ensure that the recipients of the email are aware of the type of email they are receiving before they open it. Messages lacking a subject line are often either disregarded or end up in the spam folder.

2. Use Reply All Sparingly: Be careful when using the reply all button. Only use this option if you feel that it is imperative that all recipients read the same email. It is often annoying and distracting to receive numerous amounts of email notifications from others that have no interest to you.

3. Proofread: Everyone makes gram matical mistakes here and there but it is important that you proofread each email before you hit send. Always use the spellchecker first and then try reading the email aloud to catch any last mistakes.

4. Proper Salutations: Make sure you are using the correct salutation for the type of email that you are sending. If you are sending a workplace email be sure to use “Hello”, “Dear”, or “Hi”. Save your more informal salutations for friends and family.

5. Respond Timely: The beauty of email is that you can take your time to respond. However, it is important to answer each email within 24 to 48 hours.Dollarphotoclub_50898403

6. Be Careful w/ Large Attachments: Sending a large attachment can clog the recipients inbox and cause other emails to bounce. Before you send attachments over 500KB reach out to the person to see if it is ok to send or if they prefer having that file sent to another email.

7. Maintain Privacy: If you are sending an email to a large group of people, please protect their contact information. When messaging everyone, insert their addresses into the BCC column. Always make sure when using third party sites to send emails that the sites privacy policy does not give out or sell their email addresses without the users permission.

?????????????????????????????????????????????8. Avoid Slang: Although many people use slang in text messages, it is important that in your emails you avoid abbreviations. Remember that it is easier for a person to respond to a shorter and clearer email than a jumbled and confusing one.

9. Use Anti-Virus Software: Today computer viruses are prevalent. Make sure you have anti-virus software on your computer to ensure that your email is not hacked and sending spam links out to your address book.

10. Avoid Emailing Angry: We have all been on the receiving end of an angry email. Try not to respond immediately back using the same tone. Take a minute and let the email digest. Really think about the words you want to use in your response. Emailing angry can lead to more serious repercussions and could cause you to say things that you regret.?????????????????????????????????????????????????


????????????We live in a society filled with new and expanding technology. While new technology can be exciting, it can also create a barrier and take away from real world interactions. Here are list of ways to make sure that technology is not making you rude.

Trolling- This is a new term that has arisen due to the anonymity of the internet. Just because the internet gives you the ability to speak up and to hide your real identity does not mean that you can bully others. Remember the golden rule, if you would not say it directly to the person then do not say it all.

Thank You Letters- There is no doubt that technology has made communication much easier. However, thank you notes should not be written in text messages and on Facebook. If you need to thank someone then make an effort to write a hand written note and if that is not possible then send an email. Hand written notes are highly regarded and show appreciation.

???????????????????????????Interruptions- Just because you have a gadget that can make noises does not mean that you should have it on loud 24/7. Before going into a movie or a meeting make sure your phone is silenced. These interruptions are small but can carry a large impact.

Lateness- It is unacceptable to be late. We all know that things happen and that sometime we come across unfortunate circumstances. However, it is not acceptable to constantly rely on  text messages to say your running behind or to make excuses.

????????????????????????????Human Interaction- Do not let technology replace human interaction. Just because technology makes it easier to reach out to people and to connect does not mean that you should do away with human interaction. Whether or not you are with friends, family, or colleagues make sure that you are present. Live in the moment that you are in.

Technology is wonderful, but do not let it make a negative impact. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that technology is not making you rude.