Finding Happiness

"I need more money", "I need more things", "I need a bigger house", I need a better car", "I need more vacation time", the list goes on and on… 

Do you feel you are in a race to fuel the constant feeling of "I need more"? 

This sense of feeling inadequate and that what you have is never enough robs you of the moments you should be enjoying.

So how do you shhh the constant need for more and find happiness with what you have? 

The answer is GRATITUDE. But Gratitude is more than saying thank you.

Gratitude is a deep appreciation for someone or something and it creates lasting effects.

When you have gratitude, you can live in the moment because you truly appreciate all that you have.

You can consciously cultivate and increase gratitude by doing the following things:

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The power of gratitude and its ability to transform our health and minds is phenomenal. Studies have shown that thankful people are healthy people.

Surprising Benefits of Gratitude:

Stronger Self-Control

More Willing To Forgive Others

Less Neurotic

More Agreeable

More Open

Less Narcissistic


Capable of Making Better Choices

Better Physical and Mental Health

An Overall A Better Life

When you are grateful your actions, words and all that you do spreads the message that you have enough and that you are enough.

When you are grateful, you are more open to listening and understanding differences between people and cultures. This in turn creates respect, which has the power to change not only you, but the world.

So take the time to slow down, pay attention and above all be grateful because your life is a gift and no one is promised tomorrow.

Life is a Gift inspirational and motivational message handwritten on a white card or sign hanging by a clothes peg from a green leafy branch outdoors.

In 1928, our US congress appointed Dr. George Calver to set guidelines for Senators and Representatives of the House because there was such a high death rate among them. He called his formula “The 10 Commandments of Health”.  Dr. Calver’s list was presented to top government officials of congress proclaiming a longer, healthier life if these simple ten recommendations were followed.

Today 70% of our nation is regarded as overweight. Everywhere you look you can find health tips, diet plans, new exercises and much more, but that doesn't mean we are becoming any healthier.  Since most people are just looking to find small things they can change in their everyday life that will improve their health the drastic change of most diets and exercise plans can be overwhelming. By taking a step back and looking at a small list such as Dr. Calvers “Ten Commandments of Health” becoming healthier seems more realistic.

If you don't already practice these guidelines we encourage you to do so.  By living a healthy life, our journey down the path of life will keep us focused on important things like relationships, family, workplace and friends.

P.s. Give 5% of your time to keeping well. You won’t have to give 100% getting over being sick.


The enclosed information appeared in the January-February 2012 AARP Bulletin