April 2015 CalendarSince the Month of April begins with the 1st day dedicated to the festivity of lies aka, “April Fool’s Day”, why not end the month on a higher note and celebrate April 30th as National Honesty Day?   This is exactly why M. Hirsh Goldberg, the creator of this day decided after researching and then writing The Book of Lies.

The best way to celebrate National Honesty Day is to be completely open and honest.  The only rule for this day is quite simple - be honest.

We thought we would provide you with a few tips on ways to ensure you are living an honest life every day.

Looking In the MirrorLook Inside: Starting with introspection is the best place to begin living an honest life. Do you live your life based on a façade that you want others to believe instead of who you really are? By being honest with yourself you take away pressure and a heavy weight that has been holding you down.

We all know the tale about “the boy who cried wolf.” Then when a wolf did appear, no one believed him. If we want people to believe us when it’s important, then we need to be honest all of the time – starting with ourselves.

Surround Yourself with Honest People: Time to kick those toxic friends to the curb. If your friends are stressful to be around and plague you with dishonesty, it is time to reevaluate those relationships.

Follow the Leader: Whether you are in a traffic line or at the grocery store, don’t be the person who purposely cuts in line because you didn’t want to wait. Be honest and stay in your place in line.  Patience always pays off.Waiting In  Long Line

Small Items: While it can be tempting to keep the extra change the clerk accidentally gave you, keeping that change is stealing. That is someone’s hard earned money. Do the right thing.

Finders Keepers: Sometimes we all have that “lucky day” when we find money or an item of value in the park or on the street. Please try and return a lost item to the rightful owner if possible.  Social media sites are a great way to locate someone and share that you have found an item that you know the owner will be missing.

The news today is filled with story upon story about people who didn’t do the right thing. Most of the news connects back to others being dishonest. Next time you are faced with a decision of whether to do what’s right or the latter, remember that honesty makes the person, as William Shakespeare once said, “Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself.”

Woman on PhoneIn this busy world, we too often forget general etiquette tips. We get in a hurry, get stuck in traffic and then wham next thing you know,  you have just been extremely rude to more than half a dozen people who got caught in the midst of your rampage.

While many of us keep these tips filed in the back of our mind, sometimes you just need a bit of a refresher. Let’s take it back to the basics.

• Acknowledge those around you.

• Make eye contact.

• Have a friendly attitude – smile!

• Ask others how their day is going.

• When in public remember you are sharing the space with others.

• A speakerphone is only meant to be used as a convenience. Not everyone wants to be a part of your conversation.

• Hold the door for others.  There’s nothing worse than having a door shut in your face, especially when your hands are full.

• If you feel a cough or sneeze coming on, cover both your nose and mouth and turn away from others.

• When dining it’s always a good idea to utilize a fork, knife and napkin.

• Restaurant workers make most of their money through tips, so tip kindly.

• Share the road with others.

• Stop for pedestrians in walkways.

• Don’t steal a parking space from someone who has been waiting.

• Don’t litter.

• Be honest.

• Respect the opinions of others.  Even if you don’t agree.

• Treat others how you would like to be treated.

• Don't take the credit. If it is not your idea then you have no right to take claim of an idea.

• If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, then don’t say it all.

Buying GroceriesBefore you unleash your anger on a call center representative because you have been on hold for 10 minutes - Stop – think about how many times they have already heard that today.  Then think about how you would like to be treated if that were your position.

How great does it feel when that one car finally stops at the cross walk for you? Or when someone who has a large load at the grocery store lets you and your 5 items go ahead? Today is the day you should start treating others with kindness and consideration and you may just see that you get lots of it in return.