Congratulations to three of our international graduates who are spreading civility and etiquette throughout the world!
"Suzanne Kang"Suzanne Kang is from Seoul, South Korea.  She completed her certification in Children's Etiquette in May of 2007.   Suzanne jumped right in with the children each day, showing her enthusiasm and passion for her new career.


"Suzanne Kange with Rio Book"
Suzanne and a student enjoy reading Rio Speaks together.
"Suzanne Kang with Student"
Suzanne Kang assisting a student in writing a thank you note.










Omironke Iwayemi, our Children's Etiquette certification graduate of July 2009, came to us from Nigeria.  For the five-course formal dinner, Omironke wore her beautiful native dress, making a unique and gorgeous statement.

"Omironke in her native Nigerian dress"
"Omironke in her native Nigerian dress"



"Margaret Hutchinson"Margaret Hutchinson,  from Queensland Australia, attended our November 2009 Etiquette Certification program.  We enjoyed hearing that etiquette and civility were in just as urgent need in the great "down under" as it is here in the USA.

"Margaret Hutchinson Grad Shot"
Margaret Hutchinson receiving her certificate from Peggy Newfield.

The American School of Protocol®  is honored to see our unique Children's Etiquette Curriculum reaching an international audience. Kudos to all of our graduates, both here in the States and abroad!