With the current climate in our world and the recent breaking news stories of inappropriate sexual behavior in all industries across the nation, you would think that we live in a world without rules, respect, manners or morals. 

Reading through the headlines it is truly evident that respect and manners have been pushed to the side. It is only when horrible behavior is brought to the mass media do we have the opportunity to see something we are aware of on a small scale in high definition, morning and night and on every platform.

Is our culture so unattached and disconnected that we have forgotten about moral upbringing or human decency? What has happened?

Certain components of our modern existence threaten the development and enforcement of these rules which have helped hold our communities together. As we have evolved it is understandable that so has the perception of what is considered “acceptable behavior”.

Yes, we have been liberated from appalling laws and useless rules of the past, but now we are faced with the repercussions of our progression.

Without focused cultivation of teaching and enforcing respect and equality within our workplace, schools, homes, and communities, the civility born of etiquette could indeed become a thing of the past.

It is only when enough people stand together and decide that enough is enough and that it is time for a change that something can be done.

Please stand with us in our battle to help instill the traits that make our society kind and compassionate human beings.

Office dining inforgraphic

Christmas Party

Wearing Inappropriate Attire Office parties are not the place to bring out your most revealing dress or blouse. Vice versa, if there is a theme to your office party then stay festive and keep to that theme - - but don’t overdo it. Follow the dress code outlined for a party. If it is cocktail attire then come dressed appropriately.

Drunk at Christmas PartyDrinking Too Much At the end of the day, you are at a party for… WORK. Even though alcohol beverages are provided at the party, be aware of how much you drink.

Thinking You Can Let Loose Your boss and other employees are still watching you. You don’t want to be the person who gets fired the day after your holiday party because you said or did something you regret.

Being Ungrateful Yes, you have worked a long day and now you are suppose to go mingle with all your colleagues. It can be exhausting, but remember, your company is not required to do anything during the holidays. Businesses give parties because they want to show their appreciation, you in return should be happy that your company is being so generous.

Voicing Your Opinion About Company Issues Keep the conversation topics about positive subjects. Don’t discuss other employees or problems you have with company policy. Avoid conversations that focus heavily on business, especially if clients are in attendance.

Unprepared to Network If you were planning to only mingle with your small office circle, think again. Holiday events are a great opportunity to network and meet new colleagues, especially if you work for a large corporation. Before you attend the event, think about your ten questions that you can use as conversation starters when meeting new people. It is always better to be prepared than to have nothing to say.

Not Saying Thank you to the Host As an employee, don’t forget to show your appreciation to the management and party planning committee. Thank people for hosting the occasion and providing food and drinks for everyone.

Not Showing Up If your company is hosting a holiday event, attend and show your appreciation. You never know what opportunities or new friends you may make at the party unless you participate. Company social events will also give you additional information about the people that you work with everyday.

While business holiday events serve the purpose of allowing employees to kick back and relax don’t forget that even though this is a party, you still need to maintain a professional image. It is much harder to build up your reputation once some inappropriate action has taken place.

Take time to reflect and enjoy this season. Use your office party to spread holiday cheer amongst fellow employees and don’t forget to be thankful for your job and all the blessings that you have.

Happy holidays!

Holiday Party