This is the twelfth anniversary of the terrible attack on our nation.  Like other major tragic events, the passing years have lessened the extent of the wounds on our memories and emotions.  Even websites and social media postings referencing September 11 have slowed down.

However, we know, as Americans, this day is not forgotten.  The tragic and heroic stories are still retold.  We honor the victims, firefighters and first responders.  We view pictures of the twin towers with a lump in our throat.

Now, over a decade into this remembrance and recovery mode, perhaps we should ask how we ensure that future generations respect and remember this day.  Is this what parents and grandparents feel about Pearl Harbor, too?

History books and websites will document the event, so the information will always be available. Unfortunately, experience brings the strongest attachment, and future generations will not have the same feelings about September 11 that we do.

What we can give them, though, are the lessons learned.

We know for sure that . . .



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