Sports FansFall season means sports season. As a fan, there are certain etiquette standards that every spectator should abide by. No matter what type of event you are at whether it be a high school game or professional match, always ensure a positive time for yourself and others. Here are a few tips to help you stay game day savy.



Ensure you are on the winning team by keeping these pointers in mind. Have fun and as they say, ”play ball!”

For the past several weeks we have been enjoying the World Cup games and pulling for team USA.  All of the Country’s players have spent years preparing and practicing for the game with dedication, hard work and sacrifice.

Etiquette plays a huge part when any sporting event takes place.  There are rules for players as well as spectators.  The word Etiquette is defined as a ticket which keeps order for all who are involved.

World Cup

The players on the field are “the show”.  The coach’s actions toward the governing officials on the field are scrutinized by the media and spectators.  Screaming, cursing and throwing items by the coaches or players sends a strong message which reflects poorly on “the show.”

Spectators are in the stands to support their team and to enjoy time doing something that gives them pleasure.  Outbursts in the heat of intense competition, shows a lack of respect for other spectators, families with young children and the team on the field.

The phrase “win the grace and lose with grace” is hard to do, but necessary.  All sports, from the pick-up game of flag football in your backyard to the prestigious World Cup, are intended for the same purpose: FUN.  Angry misconduct among sports participants and players, on and off the field betrays the principle of the game.

Are you watching The World Cup? Have you seen any conduct that you deemed inappropriate? Tell us about it here.

March winds bring . . . March Madness!  Yes, once again crowds gather in living rooms and sports bars to see their favorite teams battle it out for a title. 

As we know, crowds and alcoholic beverages are a breeding ground for rude behavior.  Perhaps some tips can help your gathering keep a perfect score!

Keep madness at bay this March, but have fun and enjoy the games.  May the best team win!

Do you have any other tips that may help fellow sports fans?  Tell us about them here.