Remember when you were little and a stray dog or cat would wander into your yard?  If you were like me, you immediately got water, food, or a saucer of milk and befriended the needy animal.

Times may have changed, but there are still many furry friends who need us.  In fact, there are more than ever.

Around 8 million animals find their way to a shelter each year.  And there are many more who still roam our neighborhoods.  Who takes care of them?  No one.  This is why they are so dependent on those who care enough to leave a bit of food and water outside.  Animals need guardian angels.

As an etiquette consulting company, we spend a lot of time encouraging people to be kind and attentive to others around us.  But when we extend this courtesy to more than just the people around us, and include animals, and Mother Earth, we create an entirely new (and larger) level of respect.

Some things to consider when it comes to animals:

If you are not able to adopt a pet, we encourage you to support your local animal shelter.  Even when you can’t directly help someone in need, it’s always good to support them
as you can.

On behalf of all the animals in our lives, we thank you!