Pool Etiquette SplashingAlthough the summer days are winding down, our high temperatures still seem to be holding strong. With Labor Day right around the corner, many of us will be heading to the water to cool off. To make the most out of your pool experience, keep discourteous behavior to a minimum by truly thinking of others and how your actions can affect them.

Music: Listening to music makes a pool day more enjoyable. Respect the enjoyment of others and keep the tunes to yourself by using your headphones. When you’re at a public pool, you’re in public space.

Food: There is nothing better than a cold drink with lots of ice on a hot day. Everyone loves to enjoy treats at the pool. However, problems arise when people leave their trash laying around. Please pick up your drinks and food trash so that others don’t have to. This also will discourage ants and other pesky bugs.

Follow Rules: If the sign says, “no glass” make sure that you obey it to avoid the chance of broken glass landing in or around the pool and hurting someone. The rules are in place for the safety of everyone.Swimming Pool Rules

Mindful of Space: When you’re at a public space, only take up as much space as you need. During these hot summer days the pool can fill up fast. Use minimal space so that everyone can enjoy the pool.

Bring a Towel: Whenever you go to a friend’s house for a swim or swim party, bring your own towel. How would you like to be the host and be left after the swim with tons of wet towels that your guest borrowed from you when they came?

Pool Space: People use the pool for many different reasons ranging from water aerobics to lane swimming. While in the pool respect the space of others. Unless you are swimming laps in the lanes, try and stick to the other areas of the pool.  If you would like to learn more about the Rules of Conduct for Lap Swimmers click here.

Group Of Girls Jumping Into Outdoor Swimming PoolWatch your Children: Public pools are not daycare facilities. Children always need to be watched. Teach your little ones the importance of not disturbing the peace of others by screaming and loud laughing.

Proper Attire: When choosing what to wear for your swim, think about what is suitable for your audience. If you are going to a public pool save that itsy bitsy bikini for another time and place.

Keep these tips in mind when heading out for some fun in the sun!

Dollarphotoclub_25358763Summertime is a prime season for traveling and enjoying the outdoors. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your vacation and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

  1. Pets: We love being able to take our pets to the beach or on the trail. Bring plenty of plastic bags to clean up after your pet. If the area is busy, keep your furry friends on a leash. Not everyone is comfortable around animals, so, when in public, keeping them on a leash is the right thing to do..
  2. ?????????????????????????????Move to the Side: On a hike you may pause to take a photo of the scenery or stop to take in the breathtaking views. When stopping on a trail, move to the side to allow others to pass. Share the space and allow bikers, walkers and joggers the same courtesy.
  3. Watch your Doors: Be careful opening your doors when parked at the beach or on the side of the road. With warmer weather, people are outside, walking and cycling. Check your mirrors before opening the door to avoid dangerous collisions with cars, people or bikes.
  4. Dollarphotoclub_52637911Mind your Speed: If you are out for a bike ride or run, be aware of your space and others.  Announce yourself when passing - "On your left!". Do not pass on the right unless absolutely necessary. If you are cycling, reduce your speed in heavily populated areas. Always pay attention to your surroundings. If the area doesn't look safe, listen  to your gut and always follow your instincts.
  5. Park Rules: If you are in a public space and there is a sign with rules, follow it. Whether it says, "slow on the right, pass on the left" or "no glass bottles," the rules are in place to make it a safer place for everyone.
  6. ??????No Littering: When you finish your water bottle on a hike, hold onto it until you find a trashcan or recycling bin. Pick up after yourself to keep the environment clean.
  7. Obey Traffic Laws: Utilize all pedestrian crossings. You are responsible for the safety of others just as they are responsible for yours. Don't walk out in front of cars assuming the car will stop. Use turn signals and be careful of vehicles - its driver could be texting, talking on a cell phone or otherwise distracted.
  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????Plan for Dusk and Dawn: If you take daily runs in the early morning or late evening, wear reflective clothing and use reflectors to be visible to drivers. This is especially important when fog or rain limits visibility. It is your responsibility to watch out for cars. Drivers can be unpredictable, so we, as pedestrians, must be cautious. As a female, it is never a good idea to  walk or run after dark alone. Bring a buddy!

Keep these helpful hints in mind when exercising and enjoy the outdoors!