????????????We live in a society filled with new and expanding technology. While new technology can be exciting, it can also create a barrier and take away from real world interactions. Here are list of ways to make sure that technology is not making you rude.

Trolling- This is a new term that has arisen due to the anonymity of the internet. Just because the internet gives you the ability to speak up and to hide your real identity does not mean that you can bully others. Remember the golden rule, if you would not say it directly to the person then do not say it all.

Thank You Letters- There is no doubt that technology has made communication much easier. However, thank you notes should not be written in text messages and on Facebook. If you need to thank someone then make an effort to write a hand written note and if that is not possible then send an email. Hand written notes are highly regarded and show appreciation.

???????????????????????????Interruptions- Just because you have a gadget that can make noises does not mean that you should have it on loud 24/7. Before going into a movie or a meeting make sure your phone is silenced. These interruptions are small but can carry a large impact.

Lateness- It is unacceptable to be late. We all know that things happen and that sometime we come across unfortunate circumstances. However, it is not acceptable to constantly rely on  text messages to say your running behind or to make excuses.

????????????????????????????Human Interaction- Do not let technology replace human interaction. Just because technology makes it easier to reach out to people and to connect does not mean that you should do away with human interaction. Whether or not you are with friends, family, or colleagues make sure that you are present. Live in the moment that you are in.

Technology is wonderful, but do not let it make a negative impact. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that technology is not making you rude.

Text messagingWith all of the new technology and apps in 2015 we have the ability to share our photos, videos, opinions, etc. with people all over the world. Although we have the ability to share and post, you need to remember that it is important not to overshare and to post anything that could reap negative consequences or actions.

Do resist the urge to comment on EVERYTHING. Not everyone wants to hear your opinion. Make sure you actually have something to contribute to the conversation before you include yourself. 

Don’t post pictures that show your friends or family in an unflattering light without their permission.

Do get permission to post.  When taking photos, make sure everyone knows you intend to post it online so they have a chance to opt-out.  If you copy something from someone else’s page, give them credit for it.  And if you take pictures of children, make very sure you have their parents’ permission. 

Don’t be too personal on your site. Not everyone is comfortable knowing the intimate details of your last breakup or your current medical problem.

Do be careful when posting your location. You might not want everyone to know where you are all the time.

Don’t be a bully. Bullying online is the same as bullying in person. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Do refuse requests as you see fit. It’s your site. If you don’t want someone to see your page, that is your preference.

Remember that everything you post on the Internet is PERMANENT. Even if you delete the picture or video, a digital footprint is left that can be easily searched. Once you post something, you have very little control over how many people will see it. This is especially important when you are interviewing for jobs and colleges.