Some people find Valentine's Day annoying.  And, no, it's not just single people who may feel this way.

Like other holidays, Valentine's Day has become known as a consumer trap.  Some people feel duped into buying a gift to prove their love for someone, or to fit in at the office or with friends they find far too sentimental.

Fear of not measuring up, or of not meeting someone's high expectations, can lead to incredible dread.

There's also the annoyance of politically-charged groups and other organizations urging us to show our love for certain causes on Valentine's Day.  It's this type of spin on a day for celebrating romantic love that can make the whole thing seem pointless.

It's Only One Day

Valentine's Day is just that - one day out of the year.  And if there's no way to escape the company of other people on this day, it may be necessary to equip yourself with some coping skills.

Fortunately, etiquette, emotional clarity, and a little organization, can help you get through it:

Show Some Love

It's okay if Valentine's Day isn't your thing.  It's even okay if you let the people closest to you know this.  After all, you need to be you.

But understand that if your someone special loves Valentine's Day, a little compromise will make him or her feel even more appreciated by you.

And if you're single, there's nothing better than taking this day to show a little love to yourself by indulging in something that will make you feel special.

Written By Candace Smith
Candace Smith is a Dual Certified Graduate of The American School of Protocol's Etiquette Certification Training and the owner of Etiquette for the Business of Life 

Whether or not you are spending the night in or going out to celebrate, make sure you take the time to let the ones you love know how special they are. Even if you are single, everyone has someone they love in their life.  Make you sure you let them know!?????????????????????

Here are a few tips to make your Valentine’s Day as lovely as possible.

Showing Your Appreciation: Valentine’s Day is not about the gifts, this holiday is about celebrating love and happiness.  Reaching out to someone you care about or lending a helping hand are great ways to show your gratitude. Even if your budget is tight, you can still spread the love by making a homemade card. Click here for some great ideas for DIY cards.

Going All Out: Remember that not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day the same way. Some people celebrate at home and some send their significant others flowers. It is never appropriate to ask why someone did not receive a present from their significant other.  If you are going to bring gifts for friends in a group or at the office, try to do it in private unless you are bringing them for everyone.

Spread the Love: Try something new this holiday to bring joy to others. You can make cards to drop off at a hospital or bring food or a dessert to someone who might be feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Mind Your Manners: Nothing crushes a romantic evening more than seeing someone chewing with their mouth open or forgetting to use a napkin. Ensure that the focus stays on the romance by minding your manners.

Nix the Technology: If you’re having a romantic dinner or even a dinner with some of your friends, turn your phone on vibrate or silent to keep the disruptions minimal.  And if you plan to share what lovely things have happened to you on social media, make sure you do it tastefully.

Keep these tips in mind as the big day approaches. This holiday is for everyone in love, whether it’s your children or significant other, take the time to show you care.

However you choose to celebrate, do it with full consideration and appreciation. This is what etiquette is all about.