Another terrorist attack in our country on Halloween, lead us at The American School of Protocol to do much soul searching on how we could help our children in the United States. Recently our country has been subjected to hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and a sense of fear and anxiety prevails.

Having personally spoken to so many individuals over the years,we have heard your passion for making a profound positive difference in the children in your community. This is why we are offering a 1-Day Training Conference, in Atlanta so that YOU can help. 

Cultivating Character, a 1-Day Conference, includes copies of the five manuals in our Character Education Series for Pre-k through High School (retails for $1,675.00). Each manual is age-appropriate with multiple lessons and handout materials for your students.  

Cultivating Character 3

The Cultivating Character 1-Day Conference will provide benefit to anyone working closely with children:



School Board Members

Etiquette Instructors

Childcare Providers



Pageantry Professionals

Parents / Grandparents




Community Leaders


Small Business Owners

Special Education Teachers

Life Coach Consultants 

Youth Ministry Leaders


Conference participants will interact with industry peers and learn strategies on helping children increase their self-confidence.


At the Cultivating Character 1-Day Conference, Peggy Newfield, President and Founder of The American School of Protocol and Personal Best Inc. will share her 37+ years of extensive research and experience teaching children, consultants, educators, political and business professionals.

What do Attendees Receive?

Character Education Series

To learn more about Cultivating Character click here.

The American School of Protocol wants to empower you to impact your community by positively influencing America's youth. Our children are tomorrow's leaders. Join us in our battle to make our communities stronger.