September 2, 2011

The Best Medicine: A change of Scenery

  Every now and then, all of us need to take time off to regroup our lives. A short change of scenery can be wonderful medicine to help us with this process. Time to reflect on our blessings, our family, our friends, our work and our goals, always helps me to recharge and recreate my next course.

My husband and I visited Aspen, CO last week. During my exercise each day, I passed beautiful flowers and majestic peaks. 

          As we approach this ten year anniversary of 9/11, I am thankful for all of my personal blessings, my country and my mission.  At The American School of Protocol®, we will continue to provide the best, state of the art etiquette training to all who want to make our world a kinder place to live. God bless each of you.



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