August 16, 2013

The Most Important Back to School Tip

There is only one month left of the official summer season!  Time is really flying.

One of the inevitable signals of fall approaching is when school begins.  This can be difficult for parents and children alike.  Especially if it is a very first school year.

The most important advice we offer is to keep the communication open with your child.  Talking – and listening – to them builds trust.  So when you tell your youngster that they will go to school and learn interesting things, have some fun, and you will meet them when class is over, they will believe you and not worry so much about what may happen while they are away from you.

Open communication is just as crucial for older children.  They deal with more on a daily basis than many adults can comprehend.  Or maybe we have simply forgotten.

The pressure to fit in, keep friends, make good grades, and achieve recognition in extra-curricular activities wears on many children.  Many of them are quite skilled at internalizing this pressure.  As we read in the headlines, this can be a dangerous thing.

Keep an open mind where your children are concerned.  The one place they truly need to feel accepted and recognized is at home. 

Spending quality time, and exercising verbal ability with your children, may be just what schools need.

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