October 3, 2011

Tipping at a Bar or Restaurant

This week our blog will focus on tipping. There often is confusion on how much to tip and who to tip. Today, we will concentrate on tipping when you are at a bar or dining in a restaurant.

Valet/parking attendant – $1.00 (small town) $2.00 and up (city). Only tip when the car is returned to you.

Coat check — $1.00 or $2.00 per wrap.

Bartender – 10% if you are sitting at the bar, 15% if you are at a table in the bar

Maître d’ – A recent study polling 320 maître d’s stated that tipping the maître d’ for a better table is something one sees just in the movies. If your business meal was orchestrated involving the services of the maître d’ (special table, special requirements), then a $20.00 gratuity or more is acceptable. Once a specific amount is tipped, you may never tip less.

Wine steward/Sommelier – 15% of the bottle of wine with the tip slipped in his hand as you exit the restaurant.

Waiters – 15% in a medium or lower-priced restaurant, 20% in an expensive restaurant.  If coupons are used, make sure you tip on the entire bill before deducting the coupon.

Waiters – 10% in a partial service restaurant

10% for unacceptable service

Musician/Orchestra – $1.00-$5.00 if you request a special song.

Takeout – if food is ordered over the telephone, no gratuity is necessary.

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