July 8, 2011

What makes our training so special? The Children

"Students at Buckhead Club"

We believe that the most effective way to understand any curriculum is to put it into practice! The American School of Protocol is the only etiquette certification company that brings in children as a teaching tool for our participants.

Each session, 12 children ranging from six years of age to 13 enroll for a week of etiquette lessons. The children learn a range of skills during the week - making introductions, shaking hands, dining both continental and zig zag methods, and telephone and safety skills.

The children are greeted each day with a beautiful new table scape of fresh flowers and items from around the world to captivate their imagination and interest. Our etiquette instructors-in-training are each paired with a child so that they may be able to give "hands-on" instruction.

"Girls on Couch

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