January 23, 2018

Your Handshake Is Terrible

Have you ever wanted to say this to someone?

A terrible handshake can leave you saying “yuck”, “eeewww” and “ouch”.  It may even make you immediately want to wash your hands.

Everyone and we mean everyone has experienced a bad handshake.

Awkward, limp, Aggressive: One of these three words is the stereotypical description of a bad handshake. Whether too powerful or too feeble, a lousy handshake is just terrible.

Cringeworthy Handshakes 

The Bone Breaker

The Clammy Clamp

The Paw

The Dead Fish

The Won't Stop Shaking

What Your Handshake Says

Lifeless and Limp = Insecure

Overpowering = Aggressive

Forced = Desperate

Prolonged Shaking = Anxious

Sweaty = Nervous

Our current culture recognizes a firm, confident handshake as the accepted form of both greeting and goodbye. We use it to convey everything from congratulations to the close of a business deal. 

When shaking hands keep the adage Less is More in mind. 

Most of all, if your handshaking partner commits one of the cardinal sins above, be kind and courteous and learn from their mistake.

How to Correctly Shake Hands

1. Extend your open hand in front of you with your thumb widely separated from your other fingers.

2. When the other person clasps your hand in the same way, KEEP YOUR HAND OPEN until your thumbs lock.

3. Then close your grip and shake FIRMLY once up and down.

- Be firm and make moderate contact.

- Never try to establish dominance.

- Keep it simple and professional by using only one hand.

- Be prepared for sweaty palms.

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